IRCC Recognized Organization IEC Program


Welcome to Canadian Resort Immigration (CRI), based in Squamish, BC. Led by Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Kosuke (Ko) Homma, CRI has a proven track record of assisting hundreds of International Experience Canada (IEC) participants. Through our partnership with a Recognized Organization (RO), A-Way To Work - International Rural Exchange Canada (IREC), we bring unique advantages to your IEC journey.

Why Choose CRI?

  • Up to two RO IEC program participations through IREC

  • Exclusive Premium Access Spots (peace of mind knowing you have an RO IEC spot secured through IREC)

  • IREC, serves 18-35 year olds from 36 out of 38 eligible IEC nations

Explore how CRI’s services, in collaboration with IREC, have transformed the paths of individuals, turning their Canadian dreams into long-term reality.

Recent Success Stories

  • Successfully helped a 32-year-old Luxembourgish citizen who aged out of the regular IEC program.

  • Assisted a Brit who had exhausted regular and first RO IEC participations, securing his second and last RO IEC participation.

RO program has quick processing time

The fastest we experienced during the 2023 season was 1 calendar day, which was the processing time for 3 applications! The average processing time was just 17.2 days, which even takes into account two clients who had to wait for a couple of months for their Japanese and German police certificates. Even the slowest application was processed in 54 days.

If your current IEC work permit is expiring, participating in the RO program could be a great option, allowing you to stay in Canada for another 12 to 24 months. CRI in collaboration with IREC can help you with getting two types of work permits:

  • Working Holiday (open work permit)

  • Young Professionals (employer-specific work permit) for career development

Let CRI deal with the tight deadlines and getting police certificate request extensions while you wait for the police certificates to be issued.

Top 3 RO IEC Nations

CRI has consistently assisted individuals from the following top three nations, reflecting the vibrant communities already thriving in British Columbia:

  • United Kingdom

  • Australia

  • Germany

Premium Access Spots are back by demand

CRI is pleased to announce continued collaboration with A-Way To Work - International Rural Exchange Canada (IREC) during the upcoming 2024 IEC season. CRI has been able to secure a limited number of Premium Access Spots from IREC.

Here is an IRCC tweet (X post) promoting IREC as an IRCC Recognized Organization.


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