Benefits of securing an IEC spot through an IRCC Recognized Organization Access to more IEC participations

Benefits of IEC participations with a Recognized Organizations: Access to more IEC participations

Most IEC eligible nationals can access one or two WPs through the regular IEC program governed by the Youth Mobility Arrangement. For instance, New Zealand citizens are eligible for a once-in-a-lifetime participation in the Working Holiday category, while Dutch citizens can participate once in both the Working Holiday and Young Professional categories. After utilizing their participation(s) through the regular process, IEC eligible nationals have the option to approach a Recognized Organization (RO) to obtain an additional two IEC WPs. Using an RO, these lucky IEC eligible youths can get two more RO IEC work permits issued on top of work permits issued through the regular IEC program.

Below is a screenshot of IRCC’s operational instructions and guidelines, in case you’re interested:


As an example, in 2023, I helped a British citizen who had participated in the regular IEC participation then an RO IEC Working Holiday participation with an RO called Stepwest. I helped them with their second (repeat) RO IEC Working Holiday participation with IREC. If they are unlucky enough to not to become Permanent Resident over the next 2 years, their total number of years participating in the IEC Working Holiday program will reach a whopping 6 years (one 2-year regular IEC participation plus two 2-year RO IEC participations)!

If you need further clarifications regarding repeat participations, get in touch with me for a consultation to see how I can help keep you working in Canada.

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