Benefits of securing an IEC spot through an IRCC Recognized Organization NO DISCONTINUITY

Benefits of IEC participations with a Recognized Organizations: No discontinuity requirement

Nationals from following 6 IEC nations are required to take 3-12 month breaks between regular IEC participations:

Croatia (3 months), Latvia (1 year), Lithuania (3 months), Poland (6 months), Slovakia (3 months), and Spain (3 months).

These required breaks are referred to as a discontinuance or discontinuity requirement. However, there is no discontinuity requirement for the nationals of the 6 nations if you are able to secure a spot with a Recognized Organization such as A-Way to Work / International Rural Exchange Canada.

During the spring of 2023, I helped a Spanish citizen go from his regular IEC Young Professionals participation to an RO IEC Working Holiday participation without taking any break from work in Canada.

Below is a screenshot of IRCC’s operational instructions and guidelines, in case you’re interested:


If you need further clarifications regarding discontinuance requirements get in touch with me for a consultation to see how I can help keep you working in Canada without any breaks.

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