How to get 50-200 points for Valid Job Offer without an LMIA

People without valid job offers typically struggle in Express Entry Economic Class PR applications: YP can change the game with valid job offer points

I first noticed the significant change in who IRCC Recognized Organizations can help in July 2019. I was trying to help my British client whose IEC working holiday work permit had expired and was working on maintained status. A company I had previously used as a Working Holiday participant was offering IEC Young Professionals work permits for Brits. Things were looking bleak in terms of Permanent Residence for a few of the Brits I had spoken to. Being able to get a second or third IEC Working Holiday or Young professionals work permit truly was a game changer for them to achieve their goal of becoming Permanent Residents. If you already have one continuous year of skilled work experience (or equivalent continuous skilled experience part-time) working for the employer that was named on your work permit at the time you activated your Young Professionals WP will result in a Comprehensive Ranking System points boost in Express Entry.

The one year experience can be gained while you are on a working holiday work permit or young professionals work permit. The job offer letter needs to be worded correctly for it to become worthy of a 50-200 points boost. Some of my clients have been able to overcome lack of language and education points with this 50 - 200 points boost. I’ve been able to help clients with BTEC level 3s obtain PR in 2020. I was even able to help a client with GCSEs (Canadian High School certificate equivalent) obtain PR in spring 2021 when the points threshold came down following big CEC draws. With recent Express Entry draws in 2023 requiring applicants to have at least 500 CRS points or more, participating in the Young Professionals program is worth serious consideration. With CRS points threshold getting ridiculously high, I predict more and more applicants, particularly from the UK, Australia, and Ireland, wanting to follow up their IEC Working Holiday participation with a RO IEC Young Professionals participation.

See below screenshot from IRCC showing that the points needed to get an invitation to apply is the highest that it has been in the many years:

How to get 50 - 200 Express Entry CRS points for Valid Job Offer without an LMIA

I recently helped a Czech citizen to get their PR application approved by helping them participate in International Rural Exchange Canada's RO IEC Young Professionals program. She had previously held a YP work permit through the regular IEC YP program.

International Rural Exchange Canada (IREC) can help applicants from the following 8 nations with RO IEC YP program who would not usually be able to apply for an IEC YP work permit through the regular IEC program:

Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, and San Marino

IEC eligible nationals who are eligible for the regular IEC YP program are also welcome to participate in the RO IEC YP program for their two RO participations like my Czech client. IREC can help participants from the following 28 nations too:

Australia, Austria, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and United Kingdom

To be eligible for the Young Professionals category with International Rural Exchange Canada, you must:

  • be from one of 36 IEC eligible nations

  • be between the ages of 18 and 35 (inclusive)

  • have a minimum of CAN$2,500 to help cover your expenses in Canada

  • have health insurance for the duration of your stay

    • You may have to present evidence of this insurance when you enter Canada

  • not be inadmissible to Canada

  • have, before departure, a round-trip ticket or demonstrate that you’ll have the financial resources to purchase a departure ticket at the end of your authorized stay in Canada

  • have a signed letter of offer or contract of employment in Canada

    • The employment offer must be in your field of expertise (through schooling or work experience) and contribute to your professional development

  • not be accompanied by dependants (dependants may be able to come to Canada through a different program)

  • pay the fees

Get in touch with me to see if you could benefit from a RO Young Professionals participation. 

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