Residency requirement for Italian citizens participating with an IRCC Recognized Organization

A couple of Argentinian/Italian dual citizens contacted me during the 2023 International Experience Canada season to inquire about participating in the RO IEC program. They have always resided in Argentina and lacked a residence certificate (certificato di residenza) to prove their residency in Italy.

I enlisted the assistance of International Rural Exchange Canada (IREC) to reach out to the IEC team in Ottawa on behalf of the dual citizens. Through this collaboration, we sought clarification on whether participating with an RO could bypass the residence certificate requirements. The response from the IEC team was clear: they still need to upload a residence certificate regardless of whether they are participating under the regular program or the recognized organization program.

So, for Italian citizens, just providing an Italian mailing address is not enough to participate in the IEC program, whether you are going through an RO or not.

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